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VIP Card & Promotion

Thank you for visiting the VIP Card & Promotion column here.

Current Promotion:

With the VIP card, now you can get an extra 2% PRICE DOWN of all the products!

How to get your VIP card?
If you recently have new orders with us, we will send the card together with your products.

Important Information:
A. Your VIP card is exclusive and issued once only. Please keep it properly for future use.
B. Your VIP card will offer special price or discount in the promotions of online ordering.
C. The promotions will be updated from time to time. Please always follow our latest good news.
D. To use your VIP card, please refer to below instruction and picture.

    1. Please input the Discount Code (EA******) on your VIP card, and click "Apply Coupon"
    2. Congratulations! Your discount is applied successfully! Please click "PLACE ORDER" to check out easily...


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